Yin and Yang Amino Acid Eco-Luxury Beauty Bars

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Our beauty bars use the power of amino acids to cleanse and deeply moisturize your skin, reversing the damage caused by harsh hand sanitizers and soaps.

Infused with amino acids, glycerin, sweet orange & vetiver essential oils, these soaps work just like a moisturiser, locking in softness. Due to the carefully designed formula, they can also be used as a cleanser OR a moisturiser for your hands, face and body.

Each order comes with TWO beauty bars; our low-scent calming Yin bar which is perfect for sensitive skins, and our skin-tightening coffee bean and extract Yang bar.

All of our orders come packaged in a gorgeous box that makes for the perfect gift, and can be easily upcycled.
Yin and Yang Amino Acid Eco-Luxury Beauty Bars

Yin and Yang Amino Acid Eco-Luxury Beauty Bars

Regular price $15.99
Sale price $15.99 Regular price $49.99


Made with everything your skin needsand nothing you don't.

Cruelty Free

All of our beauty bars contain simple ingredients and are never tested on animals, so our furry friends can rest easy.

Carbon Neutral

We donate to climate projects that offset our shipping emissions to help mother earth stay as healthy as we feel.

Paraben Free

None of our products contain parabens, pthalates, sulphates or harsh alcohols, keeping your body healthy.

Vegan Friendly

Our simple ingredients are vegan friendly, and are derived from fruit or vegetable bases, making them safe for everyone.

Amino Acids

Amino acids work to restore your natural skin biome and help your body lock in moisture without the use of harsh alcohols.

Light essential oils and scents for sensitive skins

The Yin Bar

With just a light floral scent thanks to the natural Vetiver essential oil, the Yin bar is a perfect cleanser and moisturiser for even the most sensitive of skins. Vetiver is a perennial grass native to India that has calming, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

The Yin bar is deeply cleansing whilst also helping to improve skin elasticity, increase moisture retention, improve tone, and support healthy, youthful skin.

The Perfect (Sustainable) Gift

Our beauty bars come in a gorgeous box that is ready to be gifted.

We've used minimal packaging materials and maximum recycling, to ensure the smallest possible environmental footprint. What's better; you can easily upcycle the box to be used as a jewelry holder, for storing scarfs, knick-knacks and other small items.

The antioxidising power of coffee beans

The Yang Bar

With a deliciously enticing caramel latte smell thanks to the real coffee beans and Sweet Orange essential oils, the Yang bar works as an excellent natural cleanser and moisturiser that won't dry your skin.

The strong scents of coffee are drawn from natural essential oils and coffee extracts which acts as a serious mood booster. The oil is extracted by cold pressing the rinds of sweet & ripe oranges and is a natural anti-microbial.

What People Are Saying

Would make the perfect gift

"I am so impressed how soft these beauty bars made my hands. They also look glamorous and would make the perfect gift for anyone because of the gorgeous box."

Michelle Quian, Manhattan, NY, USA

Work like a moisturiser

"These beauty bars are versatile and can be used for hands, body and face and work like a moisturizer. They come in a beautiful box which can be reused."


Smell amazing and look adorable

"I absolutely love these beauty bars as they are the first soaps to make my hands feel moisturized and soft."

Genilde Menegon, Wolverhamperton, UK

Obsessed with these Yin & Yang beauty bars!

"They lather well and are so fun and easy to use. I use them in the shower all over my body. The soaps consist of 50% amino acids and water. The remianing is made of up glycerin, essential oils and mild fragrances."